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Magic The Gathering Secret Lair: The Princess Bride

Magic The Gathering Secret Lair: The Princess Bride

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Once upon a time there was a set of cards that featured the beloved characters, scenes, and quotes from the iconic film, The Princess Bride, with gorgeous storybook-inspired art. It is said these cards had the power to take us back to an age of courtly intrigue, swashbuckling adventure, and true love conquering all—  

  • 1x Sisay, Weatherlight Captain as “Buttercup, Provincial Princess”
  • 1x Silence
  • 1x Battle of Wits
  • 1x Baral, Chief of Compliance as “Vizzini, Criminal Mastermind”
  • 1x Pack Rat as “Rodents of Unusual Size”
  • 1x Fynn, the Fangbearer as “Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts”
  • 1x Brion Stoutarm as “Fezzik, Rhyming Giant”
  • 1x Samut, Voice of Dissent as “Inigo, Avenging Swordsman”
  • 1x Marchesa, the Black Rose as “Miracle Max, Unemployed”
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